State of California

Eight government data centers reduced annual energy usage by more than 2.3 million kWh.

41 percentreduction in cooling energy consumption

2.3 millionkWh reduction in energy consumption

1.6 Millionpounds of carbon emissions reduced

“The same process and … system succeeded in saving energy at eight data centers of different sizes and types. The process and management system comprises remarkable technology that can be applied to data center environments worldwide.”
– From the case study’s executive summary

Before this project, all eight data centers ran cooling fans at 100% capacity all the time. With the Vigilent system, cooling fans now run at the optimum fan speed to maintain stable air equilibrium while expending the least amount of electricity. With lower fan speeds, the life of the capital investment made on cooling equipment improves, and the cooling capacity of the data center increases.

The State of California deployed the Vigilent system in eight data centers to evaluate the effectiveness, energy savings, and benefits of artificial intelligence and dynamic cooling control.

The case study finds that the system worked cost effectively using the same process and technology in eight environments with different sizes, ages, and types of cooling equipment.

In each one, temperatures were substantially maintained to stay within ASHRAE guidelines.