Dynamic Optimization

Matching cooling output to current load

Facilities have dynamic environments, making it difficult to manage thermal airflow. Vigilent does this automatically, providing dynamic control and energy savings.Typical cooling operations versus dynamic cooling management with Vigilent

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Monitoring and measuring graphs

Put simply, the main goal of the Vigilent system is to match the cooling delivered to your facility with the heat generated by the current IT load.

Of course, in a dynamic environment with constantly changing variables that are hard to predict, that simplicity is harder to achieve than it might appear. In fact, the amount of data we collect every minute far exceeds the ability of people to manage or analyze it on a regular basis, making machine learning necessary.

The algorithms our system uses automatically adjust to any changes in your data center. This dynamic approach means our system is constantly updating and not making guesses about your facility.

Our system constantly changes airflow from all your cooling resources to match real-time needs. We also keep headroom in mind, to provide for resiliency.

This approach makes the most sense, especially if a facility cannot guarantee that configurations or environmental parameters won’t change. Because the second your facility’s needs do change, any previous hardwired settings that resulted from manual remediation are outdated and meaningless.