A comprehensive
approach to
dynamic cooling

Protecting uptime and tenant comfort
while reducing energy costs.

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One Integrated System

Every Vigilent system includes
monitoring, dynamic control,
analytics, and alarms.

The Vigilent Dynamic Cooling Management® System delivers the four key capabilities facility operators need to run their facilities more efficiently: monitoring, dynamic control, analytics, and extensive alarms.

The components work together to protect uptime while delivering significant, immediate reductions in cooling energy costs and carbon emissions through automated 24/7 monitoring and control of mission critical facilities.



Track your facility’s
real-time thermal environment.

The Vigilent Monitoring System uses wireless sensors to understand the state of your facility at all times, so you can easily pinpoint trouble spots. This information is gathered constantly and saved indefinitely, providing valuable insight with powerful trending and reporting.


Dynamic Control

Automatic, real-time thermal management.

The Vigilent Control System combines the temperature data gathered by the monitoring system with powerful machine learning. It automatically determines how to best adjust your facility’s cooling resources – constantly and in real time – to match the current heat load, all while using the minimum amount of energy possible.

Graph optimize cooling data center

Presciptive Analytics

Data is transformed into actionable information.

Sophisticated analytics built on advanced AI technology transforms mountains of Big Data into actionable information. Airflow is modeled, subtle interactions between cooling resources and heat load identified, and trends uncovered. Powerful reports provide you with the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Cooling Performance Report

Alarms & Notifications

Know while there’s still time.

Vigilent is committed to keeping your cooling infrastructure running at peak performance, uninterrupted, and with maximum availability. Sometimes, issues arise which require human intervention, and sometimes, it is needed fast. Whether you’re responsible for a single building, or a portfolio of facilities, the Alarms and Notification System helps you ensure uptime by making sure you know the instant there is a problem, via text or email. And escalation is built in, ensuring that the right resources are notified if no one responds immediately.