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Vigilent is ready to help you benefit from the value our system delivers.

We work closely with you, starting with our initial conversation, to understand both your facility and your unique needs. Our team of Solutions Architects engage with your project team to develop a configuration and deployment plan that delivers optimum results while minimizing the impact on your organization during implementation.

Should you require custom assistance, our Professional Services organization can assist with airflow management or other activities designed to optimize performance.

Our Project Managers will coordinate all aspects of installation, commissioning and deployment, and train your team before they leave. And you have ready access to Customer Support whenever you need it.

Assessing your needs

Phone assessment

Our first step is an exploratory call or meeting to get an idea of the cooling environment and what some of your challenges are. We will also gather basic information like the number of racks, cooling equipment, IT load, and operating conditions. We can then provide you with a high-level analysis of your facility, describing areas of value and the potential energy savings of installing a Vigilent system.

Facility walkthrough

If you like what you heard in step one, the next step is scheduling Vigilent to do an in-depth onsite facility assessment. At no cost to you, we will do a detailed analysis of your data center.


After that analysis, we will provide you with a proposal that includes a specific configuration, pricing, as well as detailing any additional remediation or airflow improvements that might benefit your facility, and seeing if ROI can be further accelerated through rebates. We will also review our total system benefits, including downtime avoidance, energy savings, maintenance planning, and deferring capital expenditures.

Planning and implementation

Team organization

Once we begin the planning phase, we will put together a team consisting of Vigilent staff and your staff who will work together to plan the implementation strategy and and identify responsibilities on both sides. We want to make sure the installation goes smoothly, that everyone knows what is happening, when it is happening, and to complete a detailed schedule against which we can track progress. This typically takes place one to three weeks before you are ready for the install.


Once we have a schedule, our commissioning team will begin building your customized system offsite. We pre-commission and pre-configure your system to make sure it is ready and working before we install it in your facility. This also reduces the impact on your organization, facility, and any potential tenants. When we ship the system to your location, it will be ready to install.

Deployment and baseline monitoring

At this point, we install the hardware throughout your facility, configure the software, and turn on the monitoring portion of the system. If you request it, we will then leave the monitoring system running for one week to establish a baseline, which can be used to show the energy savings achieved (once our control system goes live) to management or energy companies, if you plan to submit for rebates. The deployment process for a 50K-100K sf facility typically takes on the order of two to three weeks. Depending on your preference and needs, the baseline monitoring period can extend from one week to as long as you require.

Go-live and M&V

After the baseline period, we will return and turn the control system on, and fully commission the system. At that point, your energy spend goes down, your cooling matches your IT load, and you can use our trending tool to track the success of the project. This typically takes one to two days.

Post-Install Support

Ongoing support

Once you’re up and running, we provide you with comprehensive support resources and a support staff that is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have to keep your facility running at its optimum performance.


If you plan to make significant changes to your facility, or want to achieve further improvements through remediation and on-site assistance, our Professional Services team is always available to help you achieve your goals.