Automatic Cooling

As environmental conditions and IT loads
constantly change, it pays to have
a cooling strategy that understands
the facility, learns, and constantly adjusts.

Vigilent Software and Dashboard
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Money in your pocket

Vigilent enables more IT load to be added to existing space while ensuring thermal integrity.

Add more tenants to your space

A Vigilent system has a unique understanding of the relationship between your existing cooling infrastructure and IT loads. It helps you discover where you may have additional cooling capacity to support increased loads, all while giving you the confidence you need to deliver your customers the uptime protection and SLA compliance they require.

Gain unprecedented operation insight

Use the system’s trending feature to process unprecedented amounts of data for insights on how to fine tune your company’s operating margins.

Real-time, constant control

Once your system is up and running, the AI engine constantly delivers cooling to match the real-time needs of your facility during every minute of every hour of every day, making updates as required and adjusting as it encounters new information.

Lower your power bill and operating costs

By dynamically controlling your cooling resources, the Vigilent system reduces your energy spend and extends the lifespan of your equipment.


Vigilent Data Centers®

Join the hundreds of facilities that benefit from real-time, dynamic cooling control.


The Vigilent system transforms real-time facility data into actionable information, giving you the insight to focus on areas that can impact uptime.


Dynamic Control

Our system provides thermal management and optimizes airflow by adjusting the facility’s cooling needs the moment the IT load changes.



Reduce your power bill

Dynamic cooling control requires less resources to achieve your thermal goals, which reduces the amount of energy you use. Typically, sites experience up to a 40% reduction in energy spend on cooling.

Maximize revenue of existing facilities

By helping you identify excess cooling capacity, the system enables facilities to support more IT load without costly expansion.

Competitive advantage

Increased energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint can provide you with valuable differentiation from your competitors.

Visibility into data center operations

From the bird’s eye view to current temperature information at a specific rack, the Vigilent system gives you access to all the information you need when you need it.