Improving PUE everyday

As environmental conditions and
IT loads change constantly, Vigilent
ensures the cooling output
always matches the IT load.

Vigilent software
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Attract tenants with intelligent cooling capacity and transparency

Improve efficiency, create revenue opportunities, and benefit your tenants.

More capacity planning tools

Vigilent software is designed to leverage your existing cooling infrastructure. Being aware of each cooling unit’s efficiency, and how each cooling unit affects the temperature across the data center floor, allows operators to determine where to put new IT load and new cooling units, and identify where they can make airflow improvements.

Trending enables you to show tenants that their SLAs are being met.


Vigilent Data Centers®

Join the hundreds of facilities that benefit from real-time, dynamic cooling control.


The Vigilent system transforms real-time facility data into actionable information, giving you the insight to focus on areas that can impact uptime.


Dynamic Control

Our system provides thermal management and optimizes airflow by adjusting the facility’s cooling needs the moment the IT load changes.


Help the Environment

Efficiency initiatives with Vigilent often save thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases and kWh.

A Tale of Two NTT projects
With no downtime or tenant disruption, NTT reduced cooling energy by 20%, improved PUE by 5 to 10%, and prevented 8.8 million pounds of greenhouse gases from being created.

“As a key driver for the future of the data center, NTT America will continue to evaluate, support and deploy technologies that can be environmentally sound and cost effective for our customers,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, president and CEO of NTT America.

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Reduce your power bill

Dynamic cooling control requires less resources to achieve your thermal goals, which reduces the amount of energy you use. Typically, sites experience up to a 40% reduction in energy spend on cooling.

Maximize revenue of existing facilities

By identifying excess cooling capacity, the system enables facilities to support more IT load without costly expansion.

Competitive advantage

Increased energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint can provide you with valuable differentiation from your competitors.

Visibility into data center operations

From the bird’s eye view to the current temperature information at a specific rack, the Vigilent system gives you access to all the information you need when you need it.