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Vigilent systems deliver significant value throughout the organization, delivering essential visibility into your cooling infrastructure.

Vice President of Operations

Vigilent technology is carrier grade and approved for use at mission critical facilities worldwide, where it provides and protects infrastructure around the clock. More

Data Center Operator

Vigilent systems give you a real-time view into your cooling infrastructure, eliminating hot spots and ensuring that the right amount of cooling is delivered right where it’s needed. More

Energy Executive

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% today. Optimized airflow eliminates wasted cooling and heating, reducing your energy spend. More

Chief Engineer

Real-time, dynamic cooling management keeps your tenants happy, reducing hot and cold calls while dramatically reducing HVAC-related energy expenses. More

Data Center Designer

Vigilent provides critical technology for your mission critical facilities – it’s an essential component of any new data center build or expansion. More

Chief Financial Officer

Vigilent systems unlock the hidden potential of your existing cooling infrastructure, delivering bottom-line savings from the very first day they’re installed. More

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