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Vigilent Software
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Vigilent transforms real-time data into actionable information, delivering insight that protects uptime.

Quickly drill down from an overhead facility view to rack-level details that give you the ability to instantly identify hot spots, diagnose, test, and resolve issues. Change the environment, and you’ll see the positive impact of your improvements on the screen.

Measure and Monitor

Every minute, hundreds to thousands of wireless sensors ensure our AI Engine has the latest information to keep your facility running at peak performance.

Measure and Monitor

Monitor status

CRAC, CRAH, and AHU temperature sensors constantly measure the discharge and return air temperatures of your cooling equipment. This data is stored indefinitely to enable the detection of long-term trends.

Check temperatures

Power consumption data provides insight into cooling equipment and VFD efficiency.

Identify trends

Rack inlet temperature readings determine control system effectiveness. Humidity and pressure readings can indicate other facility issues to address.

kW at your fingertips and so much more


Everyday tools

With our intuitive, at-a-glance system interface, checking the current status of your facility is always at your fingertips.

Check temperatures

With a few clicks, you can quickly dive down from a broad facility view into the real-time temperature data of one specific rack sensor.

Easy trending

Customize data to quickly surface the information you need.


See everything at once.

A custom map of your facility is overlaid with real-time environmental data, which allows you to find hot spots, areas of overcooling, and airflow issues.


At A Glance

Trending analysis provides you with the insight to determine the impact of changes made to your facility. Verify the success of your efficiency efforts, justify future initiatives.

Operational efficiency

Facility engineers can proactively manage facility conditions and focus more closely on detected hot spots.

Cooling unit diagnostics

Address potential mechanical issues before a failure occurs by watching the return and discharge air temperatures for each cooling unit.

Airflow remediation

Improving airflow means that less cooling resources are required to effectively cool a facility to the desired temperatures. This reduces energy costs and extends the lifespan of cooling equipment.

Works with existing infrastructure

The Vigilent system easily integrates with your current cooling resources and business management systems. You’ll experience increased efficiency with minimal impact to your operations.

Grows your business

By freeing up additional cooling capacity, the Vigilent system enables you to add IT load without the need for costly expansion.

Identifies hot spots

Up to 95% of hot spots are eliminated – automatically – by the Vigilent system, as it intelligently manages your cooling resources. What remains can often be resolved by facility staff through various measures which are further informed by the system.