Dynamic cooling
from the ground up

Incorporating dynamic cooling
in your new facility projects
improves PUE and protects uptime.

Vigilent thermal map
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Critical technology for your
mission critical facilities

Vigilent is an essential component of data center infrastructure.

Vigilent instruments the white floor with sensors that continuously monitor temperatures at the server rack. Data from hundreds or thousands of temperature sensors is constantly and wirelessly transmitted to local gateways that aggregate the data before sending it to the AI Engine, which controls the cooling infrastructure.

The Vigilent system makes control decisions designed to eliminate hot spots while avoiding unnecessary overcooling; at the same time, cooling units are automatically managed under dynamic control to ensure that the most optimal choices of CRACs or CRAHs are made, reducing your energy spend.

Building Vigilent in from the ground up ensures that your new designs will optimize cooling energy use from Day One, and often free up capital that is no longer needed for redundant cooling units.

Energy efficiency and much, much more

Vigilent systems help data centers run better.


Energy Savings

Vigilent systems typically reduces the energy spend on cooling by up to 40%. Ensure your designs are as efficient as they can be, out the door.

Improved PUE

Vigilent systems directly affect PUE by eliminating unnecessary cooling. This provides owners and operators with a key differentiator for their tenants.

Less Capital Equipment

Data centers have typically been designed with an overabundance of cooling. Spend less on building the cooling infrastructure, and free that investment to be used elsewhere.

Getting started

We make it easy to incorporate Vigilent technology in your new builds.

Vigilent systems install easily and effortlessly in most builds, whether they’re ground-up designs or expansions. Implement as a completely standalone solution, or integrate into your BMS; the technology is flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs.

Our team of project managers and engineers will work with you to optimize the integration of dynamic cooling technology, ensuring that the data center cooling infrastructure performs as well in two to three years as it does when it’s first commissioned.


When you’re ready to determine your strategy for cooling control, Vigilent has the resources you need. Our team of solutions architects will assist you with:

Data sheets Materials you can use to help your clients get up to speed on the value of a Vigilent system
Energy analysis A solutions architect is always ready to develop a custom analysis of your plans to identify the potential savings and increased management control our systems can deliver.
Presentation support Drop-in content that assists you in conveying the value of a Vigilent data center to decision makers.
Submittals All the technical specifications you require.

At A Glance

Incorporate Vigilent into facility designs for unprecedented visibility and control that is optimized for efficiency from Day One.

Granular control

Control actions are determined based on the temperature at the server rack level, ensuring the system monitors the points you care about most.

Minimize TCO

By more intelligently managing your facility and resources, the equipment lifecycle is extended, which reduce the facility’s total cost of ownership.

Efficiency-aware control

Every decision our Artificial Intelligence Engine makes considers how to cool the room effectively with the least amount of energy.

Industrial grade wireless mesh

Our self-learning, self-healing network enables our system to easily deploy, scale, and expand based on your growing business needs

Decision support

Prescriptive analytics turn mountains of current and historic Big Data into focused, actionable information that plant operators can use to provide optimum service.