Reclaim Cooling Capacity

Get the most out of your existing facilities.

Cooling Capacity Report

Most facilities are spending too much money to power too many cooling units to deliver too much cooling. Once your Vigilent system begins to monitor your facility in real time, less cooling is required because you only need enough cooling to address your current IT load.

Our system’s Cooling Capacity Report builds on prescriptive analytics to display the amount of available cooling at each site, room, and individual cooling unit, on demand.

This information enables facility managers and capacity planning teams to work together to more quickly identify where equipment or racks can be shifted to improve cooling capacity and to distinguish between hot spots caused by airflow issues and those that indicate a facility is running at maximum capacity. As a result, additional IT load can frequently be added without the need for more cooling resources.

Once you see how much cooling your current IT load requires, your cooling capacity team can determine how much additional IT load you can safely add to your existing facility.

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