Reclaim Cooling Capacity

Free up cooling capacity to add additional IT load

Most facilities are spending too much money to power too many cooling units to deliver too much cooling. Once your Vigilent system begins to optimize your facility in real time, less cooling is required because the system will deliver whatever is needed to address your current IT load.

In most data centers, hot spots cause operators to turn up fans so that they run at higher speeds than necessary, resulting in an imbalance between fan and cooling coil capacity. This common and unbalanced situation requires that more cooling must be installed when more IT load is installed, only because there is no remaining fan capacity. Meanwhile, significant cooling coil capacity is being wasted.

The Vigilent system balances the cooling system by turning down the fans, lowering the heat generated by those fans, and reducing the compressor work required. More important is the improved balance between compressor and fan capacity, which can unlock significant capacity that is stranded by the incorrect assumption that airflow capacity = heat removal capacity.

As a result, additional IT load can frequently be added without the need for more cooling resources.

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