Vigilent provides you with the tools
and information you need
to run your cooling infrastructure
as effectively as the rest of your facility.

Vigilent Software
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Whether it’s finding hot spots or stranded cooling capacity, Vigilent delivers unprecedented insight into how your IT load and cooling infrastructure work together.


Real-time view

Vigilent provides you with a real-time, birds eye view of your facility, with constant updates from hundreds of sensors, all designed to protect thermal integrity.

Identify hot spots

Avoid surprises and unintended downtime by knowing exactly where problem areas might be, and then verifying the fixes.

Understand interrelationships

CRACs and IT load interact in non-obvious ways; our system not only makes this visible, but automatically and continuously directs the right cooling to exactly where it’s most needed.

Unlock the full functionality
of your existing cooling infrastructure

There’s likely more capacity than you expect, waiting to be used.

Match cooling to IT load

You can run your facility hotter when you know exactly how much cooling is needed at any location at any time, with the confidence that Vigilent is constantly monitoring the environment to maintain your desired set points.

Free stranded capacity

Freeing up extra cooling makes it available to handle expanded IT loads, allowing you to add more equipment into your existing data center without building out expensive and unnecessary infrastructure.

The Vigilent system is designed to work with the facility and equipment you already have:


Rapid deployment brings immediate results

Wireless technology gets you started with minimal operational impact; savings start Day One.


Installs Easily

Wireless sensors go anywhere, without the need for time-consuming and expensive cable runs.

Installs Quickly

Vigilent systems typically take less than two to three weeks to deploy. Commissioning is fast, learning is automatic.

No waiting

From the second the Vigilent dynamic cooling control is activated, it starts saving you money; your ROI begins the moment you flip the switch.

At A Glance

By building Vigilent technology into your facility designs, your data center will be more efficient from Day One.

Instant energy savings, rapid ROI

Vigilent can help almost any data center improve efficiency and reduce cooling energy costs, typically by up to 40%.

Mission critical reliability

Vigilent systems are installed at the most demanding locations, at data centers and telco central offices that form the backbone of the world’s Internet and telecommunications infrastructure.

No-disruption deployment

Our industrial-grade, wireless network-based system and intelligent software quickly learn and optimize your facility. Deployment usually requires only a couple of weeks, not months. It installs without disruption, sensor cables, or intrusive facility changes.

Broad support

The Vigilent system works with the widest range of equipment and cooling approaches, whether it’s CRACs, CRAHs, AHUs, RTUs, VFDs, EC plug fans, start/stop, raised floor, overhead, chilled water, or DX.

Granular control & visibility

The Vigilent system provides you with rack-level visibility, and automatically controls cooling resources to ensure you’re getting the right amount of cooling to the locations you care about most.

Operational insight

Hundreds of wireless sensors continuously monitor the state of the white floor and your cooling infrastructure. Prescriptive analytics turn this data into actionable insight that informs your decisions.