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analytics give you
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Vigilent systems can drop up to 20%
of your total energy spend
straight to your bottom line.

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Reduce cooling energy costs by 40%

Vigilent eliminates wasted cooling and extends equipment life.


Dramatic savings at Verizon

At 24 of its U.S. data centers, Verizon used Vigilent technology to instantly reduce energy consumption with an anticipated savings of more than 55 million kilowatts annually. Read the Verizon press release.

Immediate energy savings

Vigilent installations can often be completed in as little as two weeks. Once the system is turned on, energy savings start instantly.

Unlock the Full Functionality of Your Existing Assets


Digital Realty frees capacity, improves PUE

At their 135,000 square foot data center in El Segundo, California, Digital Realty reduced cooling energy by 66%, freed stranded capacity, and expanded reserve cooling capacity, expanding revenue opportunities without additional infrastructure.

Leverage current cooling units

Vigilent works with your current cooling infrastructure to manage temperatures in your data center. Our technology helps you save energy and maximize power demand, which can reduce your super peak rates.

Utility incentives defray up-front costs



We work with you to provide the data your utility provider needs.

Easy Reporting

We measure the before and after metrics in simple-to-understand reports that make tracking improvements quick.

Proven Results

Customers from coast to coast have received rebate checks to help reduce the cost and speed the ROI of the Vigilent system.

At A Glance

Vigilent maximizes your return on investment by optimizing the use of your cooling resources.

Instant energy savings, rapid ROI

Vigilent can help almost any data center improve efficiency and reduce cooling energy costs, typically by up to 40%.

Capacity planning

We can discover the true cooling capacity of your current facilities, and help you safely expand IT load and delay building new facilities.

Equipment lifecycle management

Our system can help site management plan maintenance on cooling equipment as well as determine which systems are not providing as much cooling and may need to be replaced.

No-disruption deployment

Our industrial-grade, wireless network-based system and intelligent software quickly learn and optimize your facility. Deployment usually only requires a couple of weeks, not many months – it installs without disruption, sensor cables, or intrusive facility changes.

Operational insight

Hundreds of wireless sensors continuously monitor the state of the white floor and your cooling infrastructure; prescriptive analytics turn this data into actionable insight that informs your decisions.