Mission critical facilities require robust protection.

We understand that managing cooling resources is a crucial component of your facility’s uptime or your tenant’s satisfaction. You may have specific service level agreements, and your reputation depends on it. That’s why Vigilent systems are designed to be resistant to a wide range of issues that could adversely affect ongoing performance. Failsafe technology is built into every hardware and software component of the system, with the goal of ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Vigilent addresses important issues such as control or system power disruptions, environmental changes in the facility, or equipment failures, all of which can be responded to in real time. And the response to critical issues that could affect availability is that the Vigilent system will go to full cooling to ensure that there is no danger of overheating. And, of course, Vigilent systems always provide operators with the ability to manually exert control over their cooling resources, should they feel it’s necessary.

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Constant Protection for Peace of Mind

Learn about the Vigilent system’s response to one customer’s incident.

Constantly monitoring the environment of your critical facility, the Vigilent system uses advanced machine learning to detect and predict issues which might result in an outage. When it does, it quickly and automatically responds to maintain thermal integrity. Built-in failsafes turn all cooling units full on when there is a threat to thermal integrity.

Vigilent response to chiller failure

Designed for Maximum Uptime

A Vigilent Data Center provides the launches failsafe measures when problems occur involving system or network components.

Vigilent sensors on server racks

Wireless mesh network

Every control device on the network is aware of its communication status with the system. If communication is lost, control devices will default to turning controlled equipment into a “full on” mode, ensuring maximum cooling.

AHU control module

In a similar manner, the Vigilent system configuration ensures that maximum cooling is provided even if a control device is physically disconnected from a cooling unit.

Temperature sensors

The Vigilent system is aware of the status of each temperature sensor. When a significant number of temperature sensors have failed or stop responding, the software will deliver maximum cooling until communication is restored.

AI Engine

Any failure of the AI engine will interrupt communication with the control devices, resulting in maximum cooling.

Wireless network manager

Any failure of the network manager will result in maximum cooling.

Watchful Eye

In addition to failsafe mechanisms designed to address specific events that might threaten cooling capacity, a separate application monitors the Vigilent system itself to constantly evaluate the health and operation of its core control system. It checks for any failures in the software, such as the AI engine and other system applications. If it finds anything, that software automatically increases cooling to ensure that IT infrastructure remains safe.

Vigilent protects thermal integrity by monitoring and responding to performance issues which could affect availability.

Core control

Any failure in the core control algorithm will be recognized by the software monitoring system, which takes control and provides full cooling.

Network manager

Any failure or loss of communication to a Vigilent network manager results in full cooling for the control group managed by that manager.

Sudden temperature rise

If there is a sudden rise in rack inlet temperatures, the Vigilent system responds by turning on more cooling equipment. Full cooling will be provided until temperatures fall back within their configured ranges.