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Vigilent continuously matches cooling output to heat load

Optimized airflow eliminates hot spots.

Vigilent continuously optimizes the airflow in your facility, delivering improved reliability and availability. The system automatically finds and eliminates hot spots, while its comprehensive reports and tools facilitate easier operations management.

Our system delivers the right amount of cooling exactly where it’s needed. This typically results in up to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions and your cooling energy bill. We achieve that with sophisticated AI-based technology that learns your environment and adapts to change.


Vigilent Data Centers®

Join the hundreds of facilities that benefit from real-time, dynamic cooling control.


The Vigilent system transforms real-time facility data into actionable information, giving you the insight to focus on areas that can impact uptime.


Dynamic Control

Our system provides thermal management and optimizes airflow by adjusting the facility’s cooling needs the moment the IT load changes.


kW at your fingertips and so much more


Everyday Tools

With our intuitive, at-a-glance system interface, checking the current status of your facility is always at your fingertips.

Check Temperatures

With a few clicks, you can quickly dive down from a broad facility view into the real-time temperature data of one specific rack sensor.

Easy Trending

Customize data to quickly surface the information you need.

At A Glance

Cooling becomes a managed resource that reacts to real-time data, which reduces the chances of downtime.

Automated hot spot reduction

The system can automatically removes 95% (or more) of hot spots and diagnoses how to treat the remaining problems through facility adjustments.

Instant results

From the moment the system goes live, the energy savings and carbon emissions reductions are immediate.

Cost savings

The system finds the perfect balance between delivering the right amount of cooling and the lowest possible energy expenditure.

Constantly adapting

The AI engine constantly changes cooling when it detects new equipment and varying IT loads.


Our system turns mountains of current and historic data into focused, actionable information.

Risk mitigation

System failsafes help avoid costly outages.