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Vigilent Software
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24/7 Visibility into your cooling infrastructure

Whether you create maintenance schedules, oversee a team, or check on the work of your vendors, Vigilent has reports and tools to help you.


Everyday Tools

With our intuitive, at-a-glance system interface, checking the current status of your facility is always at your fingertips.

Check Temperatures

With a few clicks, you can quickly dive down from a broad facility view into the real-time temperature data of one specific rack sensor.

Easy Trending

Customize or use pre-built reports to quickly surface the information you need in an intuitive graphic format.

“The data center was changed without any notice. Even IT would disconnect duct socks without so much as a heads-up. But now, the Vigilent system can find these issues as they happen, which gives me visibility where problems are occurring.” – Operator at a major facility in Los Angeles

Automatic Control Frees Your Staff To Do What They Do Best

Whether you run lights out or hands on, Vigilent systems provide you the power and flexibility you need to get the most out of your facility.


At A Glance

From real-time monitoring to direct, dynamic cooling control, we make sure your cooling infrastructure is always running at its most efficient.

Mission critical reliability

Vigilent systems are installed at the most demanding locations, at data centers and telco central offices that form the backbone of the world’s Internet and telecommunications infrastructure.

Granular control & visibility

The Vigilent system works with the widest range of equipment and cooling approaches, whether it’s CRACs, CRAHs, AHUs, RTUs, VFDs, EC plug fans, start/stop, raised floor, overhead, chilled water, or DX.

Operational insight

Hundreds of wireless sensors continuously monitor the state of the white floor and your cooling infrastructure; prescriptive analytics turn this data into actionable insight that informs your decisions.

Capacity planning

We can discover the true cooling capacity of your current facilities, and help you safely expand IT load and delay building new facilities.

Equipment lifecycle management

Our system can help you plan maintenance on cooling equipment as well as determine which systems are not providing as much cooling and may need to be replaced.

No-disruption deployment

Our industrial-grade, wireless network-based system and intelligent software quickly learn and optimize your facility. Deployment usually only requires a couple of weeks, not multiple months – it installs without disruption, sensor cables, or intrusive facility changes.