Vigilent in action

Vigilent customers include the world’s largest
companies, with the most demanding, mission
critical requirements.


“The information provided by Vigilent helps us evaluate equipment performance and identify changes that we ... Read More

California Franchise Tax Board

Dynamic cooling control yields greatest energy savings. "Vigilent delivered energy savings that far exceeded our ... Read More

Digital Realty

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e-Government Agency

"I love that the system constantly adjusts, ensuring that cooling is always balanced with IT ... Read More

Global Colo

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Itaú Unibanco

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NTT Communications

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San Diego State University

“Because the Vigilent system delivered energy savings 55 percent greater than we projected, our ROI, ... Read More


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State of California

Eight government data centers reduced annual energy usage by more than 2.3 million kWh. reduction ... Read More


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University of California, Berkeley

HVAC retrofit helps school achieve climate neutrality goals. "As UC Berkeley continues to implement projects ... Read More

University of California, San Diego

Dynamic control and VFDs reduce retrofit costs and yield immediate savings. reduction in electricity use ... Read More


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