California Franchise Tax Board

Dynamic cooling control yields greatest energy savings.

“Vigilent delivered energy savings that far exceeded our expectations, while keeping us in the driver seat as their system provided the ability to more effectively manage our cooling environment. We realized a rapid payback on this installation, while at the same time achieving more efficient cooling, providing capacity for future IT expansion without additional expenditures.” – Jim Durborough, Senior Information Systems Analyst, California Franchise Tax Board

The result of an ongoing energy-saving collaboration between Vigilent at the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) led to a Vigilent system being installed in the tax board’s 10,000 square foot data center in Sacramento, California, providing dynamic control of air temperature and cooling capacity.

After measuring the energy-saving effects of different best-practice measures, including containment curtains, variable frequency drives and floor tile tuning, the Franchise Tax Board found that the dynamic cooling control system from Vigilent yielded the greatest energy savings.

The system eliminated over 339,000 kilowatt hours per year, or more than 15% of the center’s annual energy consumption, which translates to about 300 tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions annually. It achieved these results by intelligently throttling the output of the computer room air handler (CRAH) units, reducing operating time while ensuring that inlet air temperatures were within ASHRAE recommendations.