AI-Driven HVAC Control
That Pays For Itself

Vigilent reduces your energy spend
on heating and cooling by up to 20%.

Vigilent for HVAC commercial buildings

Save more with less work

Real-time, dynamic HVAC management removes guesswork and keeps tenants happy.

Vigilent results

Current HVAC control strategies have serious shortcomings. They are typically field-programmed, which can reduce reliability and fault tolerance. They are also simplistic, which can reduce energy savings and cause thermal comfort problems. As a result, many building managers commonly disable these strategies altogether.

AI-driven HVAC control from Vigilent delivers value beyond existing control strategies. Machine learning is used to determine and maintain comfort levels in every area of a building, and the existing Building Management System is used to dynamically adjust HVAC controls to minimize energy usage, delivering up to 20% savings. Deployments take a few days and the savings are immediate.

How It Works


At A Glance

AI with machine learning dynamically matches HVAC to building load in real-time.

Superior savings

The system saves twice as much energy as state-of-the-art reset strategies.

Ease of deployment

We transform the way your building temperature is managed by connecting an IoT gateway to your existing building management system.

Fault tolerance

Our system is able to deliver energy savings even if elements of the building infrastructure are not functioning correctly.

Decreased AHU wear-and-tear

Your air handling units will perform better and last longer because of our ability to minimize fan speeds.

Maintaining occupant comfort

Using zone temperatures to make decisions delivers a consistent pleasant environment.

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