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Vigilent reduces your energy spend
on heating and cooling by up to 30%.

Vigilent software
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Save more with less work

Real-time, dynamic cooling management removes guesswork, keeps your tenants happy.

Most HVAC systems provide constant airflow no matter the load or temperature. And building management systems do little more than turn fans on or off on a preset schedule, which can lead to comfort issues and wasted energy. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

AI-based, dynamic cooling technology from Vigilent watches your facility around the clock, making minute-by-minute decisions so you don’t have to. It makes sure that cooling and heating matches your building’s load. Your tenants are comfortable, and you save money – typically up to 30% of your HVAC-related energy expense.

Analytics: Quantifying Energy Savings


Vigilent in commercial buildings

Join the hundreds of building owners and operators who benefit from dynamic cooling.


The Vigilent Monitoring System transforms real-time facility data into actionable information, giving you the insight to focus on areas that require attention.


Dynamic Control

Our system optimizes thermal management and airflow by adjusting cooling output to match the ever-changing demands of your building. And it does this automatically, freeing you up to devote your attention elsewhere.


Vigilent Inside

Vigilent systems deploy quickly and with no disruption to your tenants.


Unobtrusive sensors

Our industrial-strength wireless mesh network simplifies installation without tenant disruption.


Reduce Hot and Cold Calls

Pre-built reports make you aware of hot and cold spots in real time, so they can be addressed before anyone complains.

Everyday Tools

With our intuitive, at-a-glance system interface, checking the current status of your facility is always at your fingertips.


At A Glance

From real-time monitoring to direct HVAC control, we make sure your facility is running constantly and efficiently.

Operation efficiency

The system’s unique data and analytics provide a new view into your facility, enabling staff to be proactive in identifying and resolving potential adverse situations before they occur. Buildings with pneumatic control systems can even share zone-level information.

Return on investment

Dramatic reductions in HVAC costs quickly offset your investment expense, often resulting in a 2-3 year ROI while also achieving corporate sustainability goals.

No tenant disruption

Our sensors use an industrial-grade wireless mesh network. They run on batteries – typically up to five years before they need to be changed – and require no cables or facility changes to be installed.

Widely compatible

The system works with common HVAC equipment or building management systems, and the wireless monitors can be installed without concern for asbestos disruption.

Rapid deployment

Our flexible, powerful, and scalable solution installs quickly, typically in under 2-3 weeks.