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Vigilent saves you up to 40%
on your cooling-related energy bills.

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Optimized airflow eliminates wasted heating and cooling.

Vigilent continuously optimizes the airflow in your facility, delivering improved reliability and availability. The system automatically finds and eliminates hot spots, while its comprehensive reports and tools facilitate easier operations management.

Our system delivers the right amount of cooling exactly where it’s needed. This typically results in up to a 40% reduction in your cooling energy bill. We achieve that with sophisticated AI-based technology that learns your environment and adapts to change.



Analytics deliver the real-time perspectives you need to make the most informed decisions.


Everyday Tools

With our intuitive, at-a-glance system interface, checking the current status of your facility is always at your fingertips.

Check Temperatures

With a few clicks, you can quickly dive down from a broad facility view into the real-time temperature data of one specific rack sensor.

Easy Trending

Use the trending tool to customize your view and compare thermal and cooling unit performance over time.


Vigilent systems eliminate almost 250 thousand tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Table Showing Greenhouse Gas Reductions Savings

Vigilent systems reduce unnecessary cooling and heating energy – energy that is simply wasted with no benefit to tenants or equipment. That’s not only throwing out buckets of money, but also buckets of soot.

Whether you’re in a region with mandated cuts, cap and trade benefits, or simply want to do the right thing for our planet, Vigilent makes it easy to automatically and continuously reduce your carbon output by as much as 40% each year.

At A Glance

Vigilent systems automatically optimize the efficiency of your cooling infrastructure 24/7, ensuring you only spend what is necessary on energy.

Instant energy savings, rapid ROI

Vigilent can help almost any data center improve efficiency and reduce cooling energy costs, typically by up to 40%.

Capacity planning

We can discover the true cooling capacity of your current facilities, and help you safely expand IT load and delay building new facilities.

Equipment lifecycle management

Our system can help site management plan maintenance on cooling equipment as well as determine which systems are not providing as much cooling and may need to be replaced.

No-disruption deployment

Our industrial-grade, wireless network-based system and intelligent software quickly learn and optimize your facility. Deployment usually only requires a couple of weeks, not many months – it installs without disruption, sensor cables, or intrusive facility changes.

Operational insight

Hundreds of wireless sensors continuously monitor the state of the white floor and your cooling infrastructure; prescriptive analytics turn this data into actionable insight that informs your decisions.