Prescriptive Analytics

Insights and actions
using data-driven decision making

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From Insight to Action

GartnerVigilent Prescriptive Analytics makes it easy to see risks and opportunities, prioritize options with the greatest impact, and understand exactly how to maximize the performance and financial impact of cooling in mission critical facilities.

The analytics automatically identify and highlight risks stemming from faulty equipment or lack of cooling redundancy, and uncover exploitable opportunities such as overcooled spaces and hidden capacity.

Specific steps are then delivered using a “From Insight to Action” approach that helps operators find the best path to reduce risks, lower costs, and speed time to revenue for every identified issue. User interfaces are individually tailored for operations executives, site managers, and technicians to provide access to common data while enhancing collaboration and accountability across an organization.

Offered in Reliability, Capacity and Energy modules, Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics provides deep insights and recommends actions to reach desired outcomes.



Identify redundancy

Determine actual cooling redundancy in your facility, not just what was designed.

Increase reliability

Learn about specific actions you can take to reduce the risk of extreme temperature events.

Spend wisely

Understand where to invest your limited capex to maximize operating performance.

Reliability Analytics



Understand reality

Trend the actual operational performance of your cooling infrastructure, not just the design specification.

Identify reserve

Discover which sites, rooms, rows, and racks can handle additional IT load based on actual capacity and forecasted weather.

Free capacity

See specific steps you can take to free up revenue-generating cooling capacity.

Capacity Analytics



Save money

Know specific steps you can take to reduce energy spending.

Highlight opportunity

Pinpoint which sites or rooms have the most potential for energy efficiency.

Quantify inaction

See the cost of doing nothing, to show that business-as-usual has a price tag.

Energy Analytics