Vigilent Sweeps Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Awards

UC San Diego and San Diego State University Win for HVAC Retrofit/Design

El Cerrito, California (June 19, 2012) Vigilent, the leader in intelligent energy management™ systems, today announced that both the University of California, San Diego, and the Associated Students of San Diego State University were both recognized with a Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Award in the HVAC Retrofit/Design category. The award recognizes the most innovative and efficient project in both a University of California and a California State University school. Both campuses deployed Vigilent systems to reduce energy costs and will deliver presentations on their Best Practice Awards at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference today.

The universities reduced energy costs without disrupting operations or daily student use in buildings used virtually 365 days a year. The Vigilent system, through advanced software and wireless sensor control technology, uses artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust cooling to optimally match real-time demand in the most efficient way possible.

“We want to congratulate our partners for this public recognition of their groundbreaking work in reducing energy consumption,” said Dan Mascola, Product Marketing Manager at Vigilent. “Our users are the best advocates for demonstrating how Vigilent systems achieve immediate and significant energy-saving results.”

University of California, San Diego deployed its Vigilent system in the 465,000 square-foot Geisel Library to save energy by reducing the amount of air cooled and circulated to achieve the desired building temperature. Through dynamic, moment-by-moment analysis and control, the Vigilent system reduced fan speeds by up to 70 percent, while coordinating with the building’s existing Johnson Controls BMS system to obtain temperature feedback and perform control commands.

“The performance of the Vigilent system exceeded our ambitious design goals,” said Russell Thackston, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Auxiliary & Plant Services, UC San Diego. “The system has helped reduce energy costs and improve our carbon footprint.  This effort is an excellent example of how UC San Diego’s partnerships continue to lead to sustainability success.”

The Associated Students of San Diego State University installed the Vigilent system in its 76,000-square foot Aztec Recreation Center as part of a larger Associated Students initiative for energy efficiency, with a goal of becoming net-energy zero in its managed facilities by 2020. The Associated Students operates the recreation center, among other facilities on the SDSU campus. The Vigilent system reduced the Aztec Recreation Center’s overall electrical energy usage by 18 percent and natural gas consumption by 55 percent.

“We reduced our electrical energy and natural gas consumption significantly with no interruption of building use or change in comfort, which we found remarkable,” said Glen Brandenburg, Associated Students Sustainability Advisor. “Vigilent delivered impressive energy savings in a project that was quick and non-intrusive. Based on the success of the Aztec Recreation Center project, we are deploying a Vigilent system in the Viejas Arena which should produce similar results.”

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