Vigilent joins industry leaders, renews support for Paris Agreement in face of escalating climate change

December 4, 2019

Vigilent joins 75 companies and the AFL-CIO to stand for the future of the earth, the country, and the economy

Oakland, CA. (Dec 5, 2019) Vigilent®, the leading provider of dynamic cooling management systems, announced today that it is renewing its commitment to stand with thousands of US companies, cities, and investors in their support of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Vigilent uses artificial intelligence and data-driven insights to reduce the amount of power required to efficiently cool heat-producing data centers and telecom exchanges, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“In the face of a climate emergency, it is essential that we unite with like-minded companies, business leaders, and communities to pledge our support for ambitious action to combat global climate change,” said Mark Housley, Vigilent CEO. “In a data-driven world, we recognize the importance of making sure that the data centers that are at the core of the information economy operate efficiently, to protect the future of the planet.”

This is the fourth consecutive year Vigilent has supported this action, timed this year with the COP25 UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid. It is also the first time that companies are rallying in support of the Paris Agreement since the United States began formally withdrawing from the agreement last month.

Read the Joint Labor Union and CEO Statement on the Paris Agreement.

About Vigilent

Vigilent is pioneering the use of IoT and artificial intelligence to deliver dynamic cooling management in mission-critical environments. Vigilent increases reliability, unlocks stranded capacity, and reduces operating costs in hundreds of data center and telecom facilities worldwide. Our mission is to increase the profitability of our customers and create a more sustainable planet.

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