Vigilent Dynamic Cooling Management Systems Reduce Carbon Footprint, Energy Consumption at Akamai

Akamai Saves Over $17,000 per year and 170,000 lbs. in avoided GHG Emissions in Data Center

El Cerrito, California (April 5, 2011) – Vigilent®, the leader in dynamic cooling management™ systems for mission critical facilities, today announced that Akamai Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of cloud optimization services, expects to save more than $17,000 per year in corporate data center energy costs and dramatically reduce carbon emissions based on its use of Federspiel Controls energy management systems.

Beyond these direct energy savings, the Federspiel Controls energy management systems provide Akamai with visibility into its data center’s cooling infrastructure, enabling facility management to “spot problems before they occur” and identify more ways to improve operational efficiency, uptime and resilience.

When Akamai targeted its 5,700 square foot corporate data center as a particularly high energy consumer, it began to seek options for reducing costs and supporting sustainability objectives. A Federspiel Controls energy management system was chosen and, following implementation, nearly instantaneously netted significant energy savings by optimizing the cooling dynamics of existing equipment within the data center.

As a result, Akamai will reduce annual kilowatt hours used by approximately 150,000 – equivalent to the annual electricity use of 13 households. In addition, the company expects to reduce its annual carbon emissions by 170,000 lbs.

“The Vigilent system performed brilliantly,” said Akamai Facility Systems Manager Joe Roux. “Within moments of deployment, the Federspiel Controls system identified and corrected cooling system inefficiencies. In addition, it optimized the operation of the remaining units for longer life and revealed previously invisible airflow blockages. We were amazed by the depth of the insight and immediate results
provided by this technology.”

“Our parameters for this project were unequivocal,” said Nicole Peill-Moelter, Akamai Director of Environmental Sustainability. “We required energy savings with short-term ROI, and absolutely no adverse impact to our corporate data center. Vigilent exceeded our expectations in both areas.”

Housing a total of five computer room air conditioners (CRACs), the data center featured an air-cooled direct expansion system with fixed fan speeds and no variable drive capabilities. With Vigilent dynamic cooling technology, Akamai can now operate its data center with fewer CRACs with no impact to temperature or performance. In addition, the Vigilent systems automatically adjusted the remaining CRACs for more consistent and higher efficiency operation, reducing on/off cycling and associated wear and tear on the machinery. Newfound visibility throughout the cooling infrastructure provided by Vigilent real-time monitoring has enabled facility management to continually adjust operations as new conditions arise, anticipating and proactively resolving potential issues.

“Akamai’s leadership in sustainability and carbon accounting makes a dramatic statement that what is green can also be good for the bottom line,” said Mark Housley, CEO of Federspiel Controls. “With a Federspiel Controls energy management system, savings are just the beginning, however. The improved uptime and resiliency our systems provide is an essential tool for delivering on SLA commitments.”

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