Vigilent Delivers 73% Savings in Cooling Energy at Informatica

Vigilent Intelligent Energy Management System Enables Informatica to Achieve Goals for Reduced CO2Emissions and Energy Consumption

El Cerrito, California (Jan.10, 2012) Vigilent, the leader in intelligent energy management systems for data centers, telecommunications facilities and large, commercial buildings has successfully teamed with Informatica, the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software, to exceed Informatica’s aggressive carbon dioxide (CO2) and energy reduction goals. Informatica is achieving a 73 percent reduction in its data center energy usage, through deployment of the Vigilent Intelligent Energy Management System at its primary data center, Vigilent announced today.

Vigilent systems have reduced Informatica cooling energy consumption by 250,000 kWh per year, eliminating 333,370 pounds of CO2 emissions. Equally important, according to Informatica, are the ongoing insights provided by Vigilent analytical tools which have shed light on the timing and duration of heavy IT loads, and provide actionable data, along with the control, required for more efficient IT load balancing in real-time.

“The Vigilent system was deployed as part of our corporate initiative to minimize our carbon footprint, energy consumption and related costs aggressively and responsibly throughout our real estate portfolio,” said Diego Cremona, facilities manager, Informatica. “Vigilent not only helped Informatica achieve our CO2 reduction goals, without interrupting or affecting the performance of our mission-critical data center, but captured data that has been essential in documenting our overall energy and CO2 reductions.”

The Vigilent system is uniquely able to deliver improved data center infrastructure management and energy savings through dynamic, automated control of extremely complex cooling environments. Using a wireless mesh network of sensors, data is continually collected from hundreds to a thousand or more locations. The resulting big data is aggregated and incorporated within a sophisticated model powered by artificial intelligence technology. The advanced artificial intelligence engine analyzes this incoming data to understand and predict the individual interactions, as well as the group behavior, of all of the air handling units within a facility, constantly and in real time. Cooling and air handling resources are then dynamically adjusted for maximum efficiency, responding to changing IT loads and other environmental changes.

“Informatica’s environmental stewardship is well-proven in the breadth of initiatives supported by the company’s green initiatives,” said Dan Mascola, Vigilent product marketing manager. “We’re pleased that Vigilent technology proved to be a key factor in achieving their aggressive sustainability goals, which quickly paid for themselves through immediate savings in cooling energy.”

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Vigilent is the leader in intelligent energy management systems for data centers, telecommunications facilities and large, commercial buildings. Pioneering the application of advanced, artificial intelligence technology to the real-time demands of energy usage, Vigilent delivers significant reductions in energy costs while increasing resiliency and ride-through in data centers, and offering tenant comfort and greener operations in large buildings. Vigilent is a privately held firm located in the technology corridor of San Francisco’s East Bay and is committed to green energy solutions that make for a more sustainable planet.

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