Vigilent Brings Active Cooling Capacity Planning to DCIM

At-A-Glance Detail on Available and Stranded Capacity Simplifies Data Center IT Growth Planning

Vigilent cooling capacity reportOrlando, FL. (Oct. 1, 2013) – Vigilent®, a provider of dynamic cooling management™ systems, announced today that it is delivering a significant new enhancement to its system – active cooling capacity planning, which provides unparalleled insight into cooling conditions. Included as a module within the Vigilent DCIM Toolkit™, a new report provides facility managers with visual, granular, resource-level information, room by room or data center-wide, on available and stranded cooling capacity. This insight helps managers more quickly and accurately plan IT expansions.

The expanded DCIM Toolkit debuts today at the Data Center World conference in Orlando, Florida (Booth 623).

“Data-driven planning is critical in today’s data center environments, which face an unprecedented level of equipment churn in an unrelenting quest for more power and density,” said Vigilent Product Marketing Manager Dan Mascola. “The new Cooling Capacity Report removes the guesswork and provides the actionable information needed to help managers confidently optimize cooling infrastructure while maintaining desired levels of redundancy. Revenues and IT growth can be supported, all without building out new facilities.”

The Cooling Capacity Report builds on Intelligent Analytics™ technology to display the amount of available cooling at each site, room, and individual cooling unit, on demand. This information enables facility managers to more quickly identify where equipment or racks can be shifted to improve cooling capacity and to distinguish between hot spots caused by airflow issues and those that indicate a facility is running at maximum capacity. As a result, additional IT load can frequently be added without the need for more cooling resources.

Introduced earlier this year, the DCIM Toolkit is a key component of the Vigilent Dynamic Cooling Management system. The DCIM Toolkit analyzes data continually collected on data center thermal and equipment performance, presenting facility managers with actionable information in digestible formats. The reports quickly surface key analytics to put control in the hands of site managers and allow them to quickly and effectively identify the location and severity of hot spots, CRAC performance, and before/after energy savings from infrastructure changes.

In addition to the new Cooling Capacity Report, the DCIM Toolkit includes reports for measurement and verification, temperature compliance, and cooling performance. These reports deliver information critical to assessing data center health, utility rebate reporting, corporate sustainability (CSR) initiatives, and efficiency project justifications.

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