Our proven, turnkey solution delivers value to hundreds of data centers and telecom facilities worldwide

Vigilent addresses the challenges of managing cooling reliability, capacity, and efficiency by using an Industrial Internet of Things approach to enable:

Vigilent IoTData-driven decisions: Prescriptive analytics derived from real-time sensor data, combined with sophisticated algorithms, drives investment, risk and maintenance decisions.

Scalability: Wireless temperature sensors deployed quickly and cheaply throughout facilities of any size, with wireless control modules installed on each cooling unit.

Interoperability: The system uses industry standard protocols to integrate with cooling equipment or building management systems.

Security: The system operates inside the data center firewall, and communicates using an encrypted, industrial-grade mesh wireless network.

Using an automated and closed loop system, airflow is balanced and cooling resources are dynamically adjusted to reduce thermal risk and maximize efficiency 24/7, delivering persistent savings to customers.

Named “Best Turnkey Solution” at Internet of Things Awards

Vigilent singled out for having “cool” solution, with an “impressive case study for a tested and generally available solution”

At Total Telecom in London, Vigilent won the Internet of Things Award 2015 as the Best Turnkey Solution.

The Internet of Things Awards, in its second year, recognizes innovation and excellence in the IoT ecosystem. The awards are held in conjunction with the World Communications Awards, which are globally recognized for highlighting companies that have demonstrated innovation, merit, and outstanding performance in the telecom field.

Vigilent wins IOTA award

Vigilent wins IOTA award as Best Turnkey Solution

Read the press release for more information.

“IoT in the data center is inevitable”

Cliff FederspielIn a recent blog post, Vigilent co-founder and chief technical officer Cliff Federspiel wrote about #IoT as a unifying force for data centers.

In that post, Cliff noted that a recent McKinsey & Company Global Institute report described the key enablers required for the success of Industrial IoT as: software and hardware technology, interoperability, security and privacy, business organization, and cultural support. These are also the underlying principles of how the Vigilent system was designed and implemented.

“The emergence of IoT in the data center is inevitable, and facility managers who embrace this change and use it to their operational advantage can turn their attention to more strategic projects,” Cliff said.

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