Case Studies


“The Vigilent system performed brilliantly. Within moments of deployment, the system identified and corrected cooling system inefficiencies. In addition, itmore


“The information provided by Vigilent helps us evaluate equipment performance and identify changes that we can make to our datamore

California Franchise Tax Board

Dynamic cooling control yields greatest energy savings. “Vigilent delivered energy savings that far exceeded our expectations, while keeping us inmore

Digital Realty

“We found that upgrading fans and adding fan speed controls in our data centers allowed us to cool them moremore

e-Government Agency

“I love that the system constantly adjusts, ensuring that cooling is always balanced with IT load.” EGA Facility Manager inmore

Global Colo

“Using the Vigilent system, we learned things about our data center that we would have never discovered. This is themore


“The Vigilent system was deployed as part of our corporate initiative to minimize our carbon footprint, energy consumption and relatedmore

Itaú Unibanco

“We were able to prove that the intelligent cooling solution delivered significant gains to the Itaú data center soon aftermore

NTT Communications

“Working with Vigilent, we brought real-time energy management to our two largest North American data centers with significant carbon emissionmore

San Diego State University

“Because the Vigilent system delivered energy savings 55 percent greater than we projected, our ROI, aided by energy efficiency incentives,more