Cleantech Group: Industrial Analytics – Optimizing Operational Efficiency

April 18, 2019

Vigilent was recently featured in a roundup of companies defined by their use of analytics to deliver measurable operational efficiencies, with Vigilent featured in the prescriptive analytics space:

The report said:

We spoke to Vigilent, a company that brings closed-loop optimization into specific applications, achieving net-profit in 2018. Their prescriptive closed-loop automation system controls airflow by dynamically predicting cooling requirements in data centers, before automating control to drive a steady-state. Vigilent’s advanced analytical capabilities develop predictive models for areas such as system reliability and energy capacity, so that operators can achieve optimized cooling management, reducing energy usage by up to 40%. We learned that through prescriptive analytics the company has provided a total of $50 million in annual savings across 625 customers’ data centers.