A Letter To Our Customers

During these uncertain times, I’d like to summarize some of the things that Vigilent is doing to help our customers get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Vigilent provides monitoring and dynamic control of cooling in mission-critical facilities. Now more than ever we understand and accept the responsibility of making sure our system is doing its job of maintaining safe facility temperatures and operating conditions. Because the system does this automatically and reliably, our customers’ on-site staff can focus on activities that can only be done by people.

Given the current situation, we are taking these additional actions:

  • We are providing 24×7 support to customers on a global basis. Our support team has been expanded to respond even faster and more effectively. You can reach them at support@vigilent.com, through our Support Center at support.vigilent.com, or via our call center at +1 800-549-4079 or +1 510-370-3201.
  • We have set aside sufficient parts to cover any hardware requirements that may arise in the coming months. So far, our supply chain has not been significantly impacted, yet we have increased inventory to ensure that we have plenty of stock available.
  • As many Vigilent employees are currently working from home, we are leveraging our digital tools to maximize collaboration internally and with our customers. That said, our professional services staff is ready and able to ship and deploy systems as local conditions and regulations allow.

We are also assessing how we might adapt Vigilent products and services to meet the new operational challenges you face, by providing enhanced levels of monitoring, management, and support. We welcome your input, and the opportunity to learn how we can serve you better.

Best regards,

Mark Housley
Chairman and CEO, Vigilent