451 Research: Vigilent sees datacenter capacity, cooling risks before they happen

June 28, 2016

451 Research issued a new report exploring the new prescriptive analytics technology that Vigilent recently announced.

In her report, Rhonda Ascierto wrote: “Vigilent’s new forecasting capabilities will help it further differentiate in a market that today is niche, but predictive analytics will become increasingly important for software-driven datacenters in the future. While broad demand for its technology is tempered by overcooling, still a generally acceptable approach despite the inefficiencies, and by efficient ambient and in-row cooling, we believe the colocation sector will increasingly seek out dynamic cooling controls to better manage their capacity and reduce costs… We believe that Vigilent’s Prescriptive Analytics suite, combined with its core technology platform, provides a unique set of capabilities in the datacenter sector.”

Download the full report from 451 Research.