Vigilent Optimizes Data Center Uptime with Next Generation of Dynamic Cooling Control

New release delivers enhanced cooling system control, Intelligent Analytics™, and trending analysis

Graph optimize cooling data centerThe Vigilent Intelligent Energy Management system dynamically matches cooling output with real-time IT load, significantly reducing cooling energy while also
freeing up stranded cooling capacity.

El Cerrito, California (Oct. 16, 2012) Vigilent®, the leader in intelligent energy management™ systems, advanced the state of dynamic cooling control today with the latest release of its sophisticated cooling platform for data centers, telcos and buildings. The new release – Version 5 – expands automatic cooling control with a new generation of artificial intelligence-based technology that contributes to risk mitigation, delivers even greater energy savings, and adds extensive, automated reporting and visualization capabilities.

Built on a foundation of self-learning, patented artificial intelligence, the Vigilent system uses Intelligent Analytics technology to enhance the resiliency of a facility’s cooling infrastructure while optimizing it for maximum energy efficiency, minute-by-minute.  Fortune 500 companies worldwide are incorporating Vigilent systems as an essential component of their Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) strategy. The new release’s expanded control and operational insights directly reduce cooling costs and offer extended ride-through and warning time should any unusual events occur – essential to protecting uptime and availability.

“The size and complexity of data centers have grown beyond the capacity of humans to effectively manage them for maximum uptime, safety, and efficiency,” said Christopher Kryzan, Vice President of Marketing for Vigilent. “Even the newest, most energy-efficient data centers can only operate at maximum cooling efficiency until something changes. The Vigilent system automatically and intuitively responds to changes in cooling requirements, predicts potential issues, and acts to mitigate risk – giving operators much needed warning and time to respond to larger risk events.”

Enhancements to the Vigilent artificial intelligence engine and resulting controls are based on the year-over-year acquired knowledge and best practices of millions of square feet of data centers already controlled by Vigilent systems. Users gain more granular monitoring and control of all cooling resources, and an improved user interface for comprehensive and instantaneous visibility into cooling and airflow status. The advantage of such precise monitoring is that the amount of cooling delivered in a given moment is the actual amount of cooling required at that moment.

“By matching cooling capacity to actual IT load in real-time, you not only reduce energy costs, you gain a better understanding of how much available cooling capacity you have at any given time,” said Andrew Lawrence, Vice President of Research for Datacenter Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT at 451 Research.  “This is a much more intelligent operation than just blasting cold air all the time; it is a dynamically changing system that produces a lot of data, which can be fed back to help improve availability as well as efficiency.”

New features include:

Advanced Cooling Controls

  • Additional energy savings, achieved even more quickly.
  • Tighter control that more closely matches cooling output with IT load unlocks stranded capacity to get even more out of existing facilities.
  • Faster, more adaptive AI learning, resulting in more intelligent predictive capabilities.

User-configurable, Built-In Reports

  • Measurement and Verification Reports quantify facility energy and carbon savings using actual measured data to help justify energy efficiency projects and receive utility rebates.
  • Temperature Compliance Reports aggregate temperature information comparing rack inlet temperatures to SLA agreements or corporate policy standards.
  • Cooling Performance Reports provide at-a-glance equipment diagnostics to identify mechanical failures and under-performing equipment so that staff can proactively repair units before critical failures occur.

Enhanced Trending

  • Time-based analyses of comprehensive data center cooling data, covering CRAH/CRAC power and RAT&DAT, VFD speed, rack inlet temperature, underfloor pressure, relative humidity, and ambient temperatures.
  • Highly-granular, historically-accumulated information for data-driven decisions.

The Vigilent system typically reduces energy use by up to 40% within the first days of deployment. It identifies unused capacity, restores and maintains excess cooling for on-demand availability, and reduces equipment and maintenance costs through more consistent and effective operation – all of which reduce a facility’s operational costs while improving resiliency. Equipment and configuration agnostic, Vigilent works with any size or age data center, a wide variety of cooling technologies including chiller, DX or roof-top systems, start/stop or individual fan speed control and in virtually any configuration, managing air flow intelligently and optimally.

The Vigilent Intelligent Energy Management System, Version 5, will be available in early December.

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Vigilent ( is the leader in intelligent energy management systems, an essential solution for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). The company applies advanced Intelligent Analytics technology to address the real-time energy demands of data centers, colocation providers, telecommunications facilities, and large buildings. Vigilent protects uptime through dynamic management of cooling resources, while delivering significant, immediate reductions in cooling energy costs and carbon emissions through automated 24/7 monitoring and control of mission-critical facilities.  A privately-held firm located San Francisco’s East Bay, Vigilent is committed to green energy solutions that reduce and inform energy use, making for a more sustainable planet.

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