Vigilent Announces Prescriptive Analytics for Thermal Management

Suite Reveals Risks and Opportunities in Data Centers and Telecom Facilities, and Identifies Actions to Maximize Financial Return on Capacity and Capex

Analytics-HiResOakland, CA. (June 22, 2016) Vigilent®, the leading provider of dynamic cooling management systems, today announced a powerful prescriptive analytics suite that enhances thermal management of mission critical facilities. The analytics automatically identify and highlight risks, such as faulty equipment or lack of cooling redundancy, and opportunities like overcooled spaces and hidden capacity. Specific steps are then prescribed that show operators the best path to reduce risks, lower costs and speed time to revenue.

Offered in Reliability, Capacity and Energy modules, Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics leverages Vigilent’s predictive technology, which over the past decade has analyzed billions of data points across hundreds of mission critical facilities to predict future outcomes. Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics takes that insight to the next level by recommending actions to reach the most desired future outcome.

The analytics are delivered using a “From Insight to Action” approach that recommends specific steps to address every identified issue. User interfaces are individually tailored for operations executives, site managers, and technicians to provide access to common data while enhancing collaboration and accountability across an organization.

“Data center environments are becoming increasingly dynamic due to virtualized computing, server power variability, and the migration to cloud architectures,” said Rhonda Ascierto, research director, data center technologies, 451 Research. “To help avoid service disruption, there needs to be visibility into and control of available cooling in each rack, row, room, and datacenter. Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics provides such insights and gives specific recommendations based on actual operating conditions, allowing managers to more safely and cost-effectively manage their facilities.”

“Our customers are telling us that they need to know more than what happened, or what will happen,” said Dave Hudson, CEO, Vigilent. “They want to know the specific actions they can take to lower risk, reduce cost and accelerate revenue. Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics does exactly that, and puts managers in the driver’s seat.”

Benefits delivered by the modules include:

Reliability Assurance

  • Identifies actual (versus designed) cooling redundancy
  • Pinpoints where there is heightened risk of extreme temperature events
  • Discovers subpar cooling units and predicts which ones are most likely to fail
  • Prioritizes limited capex to maximize operating performance
  • Recommends specific actions that increase reliability

Capacity Optimization

  • Identifies actual (versus designed) cooling capacity
  • Predicts where extreme weather will cause capacity shortfalls
  • Discovers which sites, rooms, rows, and racks can handle additional IT load based on actual capacity and forecasted weather
  • Avoids investing capex in unnecessary cooling
  • Prescribes how to free up revenue-generating cooling capacity

Energy Efficiency

  • Quantifies the expense of business-as-usual, also known as the “cost of inaction”
  • Predicts the impact of cooling equipment maintenance and upgrades
  • Ensures savings persistence by spotting areas of deterioration
  • Identifies which sites or rooms have the greatest efficiency opportunity
  • Recommends actions that result in specific levels of energy savings

Vigilent Prescriptive Analytics, available immediately, can be purchased individually or as a bundle. For more information, visit the Prescriptive Analytics page.

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Vigilent is pioneering the use of IoT, machine learning and prescriptive analytics to deliver dynamic cooling management in mission-critical environments. Vigilent reduces operating costs, unlocks stranded capacity, and increases reliability across hundreds of data center and telecom facilities worldwide. Our mission is to increase the profitability of our customers and create a more sustainable planet.

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