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When every minute counts…

When things go wrong, extra minutes determine the difference between uptime and costly outages. With larger, more dynamic, and more complex facilities, it becomes even harder to find the source of a problem.

Consider, for example, that during the first year of deployment for each of Google’s 1,800 server clusters, they calculated a 50% chance that it would overheat. Google believed that this would take down most of their servers in less than five minutes, and require up to two days to recover.

The Vigilent Alarms & Notifications System complements, and is built upon, our core monitoring and control technology. It notifies operators and key staff when conditions in the Vigilent system or data center change outside of pre-selected ranges.

User-configurable environmental and system-level alarms provide immediate notifications to the right people so that issues can be remedied before disaster occurs.

Learn about the Vigilent system’s response to one customer’s incident.

Constantly monitoring the environment of your critical facility, the Vigilent system uses advanced machine learning to detect and predict issues which might result in an outage. When it does, it quickly and automatically responds to maintain thermal integrity.

Vigilent response to chiller failure

While the Vigilent Control System is automatically responding to environmental changes, the Alarms & Notifications capability ensures that the operations staff is notified of key events that might affect performance or availability.

Alarms To Meet Your Every Need



The system can be used for single-site deployments, or to aggregate across an entire portfolio of sites for enterprise-wide monitoring.


Alarms can trigger e-mails, text message notifications, and it can also integrate with your existing central network operations center protocols via SNMP.


Prescriptive analytics discovers trends in historic data from thousands of monitored points and can dispatch predictive alarms about potential failure points.

At A Glance

The Vigilent Alarms & Notification system ensures the right people know the right information at the right time.

Uptime protection

Immediate notifications and escalation procedures ensure that critical issues and failures are identified to optimize uptime and availability.

Configurable alarms

Alarms can be set for monitored points, including: rack inlet temperature, pressure, humidity, cooling unit power, discharge air temperature, or return
 air temperature.

Portfolio-wide management

The system can monitor and send alarms for multiple sites in your portfolio, allowing regional and national managers to receive appropriate notifications across all of the facilities in your organization.

Escalation protocols

The system can be configured to ensure issue resolution for critical alarms based on your current escalation protocols if initial notifications do not result in immediate responses.

NOC integration

Alarms and notifications can be managed from a central location once integrated with a network operation center (NOC).