Roadmap to Raise Temperatures

In a world of 99.99999% uptime guarantees, there is no margin for error and overcooling is viewed as an insurance policy against outages. But it’s an inefficient, expensive way to accomplish this goal. Most facility operators know this, but still keep their temperatures way below ASHRAE guidelines because they lack the visibility and institutional buy-in necessary to run a hotter room.

In this conversational webinar, two data center professionals with hands-on experience discuss how and why you should safely raise your facility’s temperatures.

Turn it up.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why most data centers are losing money by overcooling
  • How to safely raise your temperatures by five degrees
  • What strategies you can use to convince people that it’s OK to do it
  • Guide to Raise Temperatures

Webinar Documents

Download the guide to learn the steps you should follow to  safely raise your facility’s temperatures.

Presenter Bios

Dan Mascola
Product Marketing Manager, Vigilent
Dan is experienced in energy analysis operations for commercial buildings, labs, college campuses, data centers, hospitals and industrial processes, and utility incentive programs. He also writes the Data Center Huddle blog.

John Miles
Solutions Architect, Vigilent
John spent close to a decade delivering automation solutions to Fortune 500 customers around the world. He takes pleasure in delivering the most effective data center cooling solutions for his customers and has extensive experience in designing controls and automation systems.