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At-a-glance assessments of data center
health and performance.

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On-demand reports surface actionable information in a professional format.


Measurement and Verification

Quantifies before-and-after energy usage and costs. You can verify results for rebates and determine greenhouse gas savings in minutes, rather than the hours or days with manual entry.

Temperature Compliance

Delivers at-a-glance, visual assessment of hot and cold spots and SLA compliance. With this data, you’re able to address problem areas and protect uptime.

Cooling Performance

Calculates the performance of each cooling unit and identifies potential maintenance issues. Avert potential crises and ensure your equipment is performing to expectations.

Cooling Capacity

Identifies and locates available cooling capacity for planning purposes. Find out where you can add IT load without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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Here Comes The Sun…

At high noon: A mini case study of a Vigilent customer

A data center manager at one of the most sophisticated colocation companies was reviewing the real-time information in the Vigilent reports.

“I love this,” he said. “It’s easy to navigate. I haven’t even had a class and I can find what I am looking for.”

After a few minutes of looking at his reports, he noticed that at 12:30 p.m., top temperatures climbed 7 degrees. But he didn’t question it too much.

“That’s just because of the sun in the afternoon,” he figured. But the Vigilent staff member on site at the time said, “Let’s prove it.”

They trended temperatures near the windows and discovered it was actually cooler there. They quickly discovered that IT had just swapped out a couple servers for run-time reasons in that area a few hours earlier, and that was affecting the temperatures.

So, this customer loves that prescriptive analytics are able to disprove his seemingly-obvious theory about the power of the afternoon sun.


At A Glance

Vigilent reports provide you with the information you need to make key operational decisions. It starts with real-time trending and historical analysis, and then helps surface important insights that can inform decisions.

Hot spot identification

Find the hottest areas in your facility to assist your remediation strategies.

Airflow improvements

Determine opportunities to improve airflow, including the impact of blanking panels or changes to floor tiles that might yield better temperatures.

Equipment remediation

Track the difference between a cooling unit’s return and discharge air temperatures, against historical data, to identify which units should be investigated or fixed.

Cooling capacity planning

Use tools and maps to determine where there is unused cooling capacity and where to safely add more IT load.

One-click M&V for rebates

Prove you qualify for energy provider rebates by delivering reports that track detailed energy usage over time.