Increasing Energy Efficiency In Data Centers

A frank look at saving energy & money.

Airflow improvements? More efficient equipment? Dynamic control?

There are so many options, and such hyperbole, that it is hard to judge what’s best. In this interactive webinar, we profile real world, energy efficiency options, comparing benefits to limitations. All of them work, but in very different ways, and with very different operational, ongoing and financial costs.

Looking at what really works.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The ROI of various data center energy efficiency approaches
  • The benefits of containment vs. equipment improvements vs. dynamic control
  • Where to begin to address energy efficiency in your data center


Presenter Bios

Lorne Curl
Grantham University, U.S. Marine Corps.
In recent years, Lorne has been focused on technology and data center operations, taking him inside hundreds of data centers. With over 25 years in technical and operational management roles, he has also spent time directing leading-edge technology efforts.

Dan Mascola
Northeastern University, LEED AP,
Data Center Huddle.
Dan is experienced in energy analysis operations for commercial buildings, labs, college campuses, data centers, hospitals and industrial processes, and utility incentive programs. He is the Product Marketing Manager for Vigilent.