Higher Temperatures Without the Heat

Are you ready to look even closer at how you can raise temperatures in your data center without sacrificing redundancy or putting uptime at risk?

In our last webinar, Roadmap to Raise Temperatures, we laid the groundwork for how overcooling is an expensive way to prevent outages and that facilities are wasting money to gain a false sense of security. The attendance for that webinar, and the reaction of participants during the call and afterward, let us know that we only scratched the surface of what people wanted to know about this topic and that a deeper dive into this issue was required.

In this conversational webinar, two data center professionals with hands-on experience discuss these issues as well as answer your questions.

It covers how to:

  • Mitigate impacts to cooling capacity, and the effect on redundancy
  • Assess changes to data center ride-through
  • Manage hot spots while raising facility temperatures
  • Safely raise temperatures without increasing failure rates


Webinar slides

Download the slides to follow along with the video.

Presenter Bios

Dan Mascola
Product Marketing Manager, Vigilent
Dan is experienced in energy analysis operations for commercial buildings, labs, college campuses, data centers, hospitals and industrial processes, and utility incentive programs. He also writes the Data Center Huddle blog.

John Miles
Solutions Architect, Vigilent
John spent close to a decade delivering automation solutions to Fortune 500 customers around the world. He takes pleasure in delivering the most effective data center cooling solutions for his customers and has extensive experience designing controls and automation systems.